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As a person who loves comfortable, uncluttered living, I look forward to working with you and bringing calm to your space. Whether it’s your kitchen, work, home office, garage, toy room, car, or wherever, it’s my mission to not only help you stress less about the world in which you live but to help you find peace of mind in those places. 

I discovered I had a knack for organization when I had a temporary desk job during my pregnancy while flying for the Air Force. Instead of instructing student pilots, my day-to-day was filled with paperwork, file management and ensuring everything was well organized to best serve my commander. I was a little surprised at how easily the work came to me--and how much I enjoyed it! (Well, maybe not the paperwork, but definitely the organization!) Fast forward 11 years, and I’ve transformed those vital skills along with my passion for helping others into a job that I love. 

I firmly believe that the physical clutter that surrounds us is equivalent to the mental clutter that can crowd our minds. I actually breathe easier when my kitchen countertops are clear, and all of my daughter’s toys and clothes are back in their intended bins. “A place for everything and everything in its place.” On the job, nothing makes me happier than helping a client bring calm to their space through decluttering and purposeful organization.

Kristen Westby

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